Management and Leadership

National Workgroups/Networks

The iGST West Africa Regional Hub’s (WA Hub) dynamic framework extends its reach through the establishment of National Workgroups/Networks. These networks, localized within each member country of ECOWAS, play a crucial role in fostering grassroots engagement, advocating for climate action, and contributing to the Global Stocktake process.

The Core Group

Central to the WA Hub’s structure is the core workgroup, a foundational governing entity entrusted with ensuring the hub’s seamless operation. Guided by a committed secretariat, this assembly comprises members representing the national workgroups/networks. As a cohesive unit, they collaboratively steer and shape the WA Hub’s trajectory, aligning its aims with the overarching objectives of climate action and the Global Stocktake process.

The Secretariat And Its Role As The Hub’s Governing Boddy

At the core of the iGST West Africa Regional Hub (WA Hub) resides the Secretariat, a purpose-driven and strategic entity that acts as the hub’s navigational compass. The Secretariat assumes a crucial role in directing the WA Hub’s efforts toward its mission of championing climate action, articulating the concerns of West Africa, and actively engaging in the Global Stocktake process.


Are you interested to join the iGST West Africa Regional Hub throughthe national network of your country?

We welcome your interest in becoming a part of the iGST West Africa Regional Hub’s specific national networks. These networks play a vital role in amplifying climate action and fostering collaboration at the grassroots level. Join us on this journey towards a sustainable and resilient future for West Africa. Together, we can shape policies, drive change, and inspire action that not only benefits our region but also contributes to global efforts to address the climate crisis.

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