Greetings and welcome to the iGST West Africa Regional Hub (WAHub), a collaborative platform dedicated to fostering climate action, knowledge sharing, and advocacy across West Africa, especially within the fifteen (15) countries of ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States).

As part of the global efforts to drive impactful contributions to the Global Stocktake (GST) process, the WAHub brings together a diverse community of climate civil society stakeholders, campaigners, researchers, and organizations committed to addressing the urgent challenges posed by climate change in our region.


The iGST West Africa Regional Hub serves as a vital interface between the regional context and the broader global dialogue on climate action. Our mission is rooted in fostering and empowering a collaborative and resilient West Africa civil society alliance committed to accelerating sustainable development, to driving meaningful engagement and advocating for transformative climate action in the Global Stocktake of the Paris agreement

Our Mission

To empower climate civil society through innovative collaboration, fostering a resilient and equitable path and bridging Nationally Determined Contributions for the Global Stocktake in the framework of the Paris Agreement.

Our Objectives

The objectives of West Africa Regional Hub of the iGST, in alignment with the overall iGST process, is to increase the accuracy, transparency, accountability and relevance of the GST and to contribute to the global discourse on climate change priorities from a West African perspective. This is being achieved by bringing together the West African climate change community to advocate for representative, relevant, and responsive GST. Thus, the iGST-WA Regional Hub will facilitate the effective participation of West Africa climate civil society in the GST processes by providing a platform for interested stakeholders to organize and engage in meaningful ways, the hub fosters collaboration and effective involvement.


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