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iGST Capacity Building #3: Introduction to Climate Change Negotiations

Explore key insights from Mr. Seth Osafo, Legal Advisor at the African Group of Advisors, who provided a deep dive into the complexities of international climate change negotiations. During this enlightening session, Mr. Osafo highlighted the significance of understanding historical contexts and triggers such as IPCC reports and UN resolutions. He stressed the importance of effective preparation, including reviewing conference agendas, conducting stakeholder consultations, and collaborating with regional groups like the African Group of Negotiators to ensure cohesive national positions. Mr. Osafo also underscored the need for inclusive national delegations, comprising diverse expertise from relevant ministries and stakeholders, to enhance representation and alignment of interests on global platforms.

iGST Capacity Building #2: Overview of the UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement

Discover a comprehensive overview of pivotal international climate agreements with Mr. Seth Osafo. In session #2 of our capacity-building series, Mr. Osafo, drawing on his extensive experience in climate negotiations since 1991, explored the evolution of key agreements: the UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol, and Paris Agreement. Established in 1992 with global participation, the UNFCCC aimed to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations. The subsequent Kyoto Protocol (1997) imposed emission reduction targets on developed nations, while the Paris Agreement (2015) represents a landmark effort to combat climate change. The session highlighted the complexities of global cooperation and differentiated responsibilities between developed and developing nations, emphasizing ongoing challenges and dynamics in international climate negotiations.
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